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The Outdoor Club of East York offers a variety of cycling activities including day trips; weekend trips; and multi-day events mainly in Ontario but also in other provinces and even other countries. Depending on the ride expect some exercise; awesome scenery; perhaps a bit of history; sometimes an included local special event plus you may be visiting new and exciting areas.

Our rides are geared to all levels from beginner to something more challenging both in Toronto and around the province with varied distances using both bike paths and quiet roads. Cycle touring rides may also be offered in other provinces, the U.S. and to Europe such as the trip the club offered to Northern Italy.

All participants must wear a bicycle helmet. Bicycles must be equipped with an audible warning device and have front and rear lights if cycling after the published sunset time. Cyclists are required to have their bikes in good working order, carry a puncture repair kit or spare tube and be competent its use.

See you on your bike and enjoy the cycling season.

Cycling Levels

With all cycling trips if you are unsure from the trip description on our website please contact the organizer if you have any questions. All descriptions will list a riding level:

Easy – cycling at a relaxed pace for gentle exercise suitable for beginners or a short day ride. No routes are totally flat so expect a gently rolling terrain or perhaps a short climb and descent, with distances under 55 km.

Intermediate – you need to be reasonably fit and able to ride distances of up to 75 km. Although mostly flat or rolling terrain, you can expect some climbs and descents.

Advanced – you can expect longer distances in the saddle often exceeding 75 km with tougher terrain including plenty of hills, some with steep climbs. A good level of fitness and stamina is required.

Additional Information

There will be carpool arrangements for most out of town day and longer rides. If you are riding in a member’s car, bring a change of footwear and plastic bags for muddy shoes and clothing.

Be on time. If you have to cancel, advise the trip organizer in plenty of time.

Each cyclist is responsible for their own safety. Be realistic about your experience and level of fitness when signing up for the ride and follow the instructions of the trip organizer.

Carry a cell phone and a personal first aid kit to care for blisters, minor cuts and scrapes, along with Tylenol, Advil and/or any other medications that you my expect to need.

Carry the completed Club Health Information Form in a baggy in an outside pocket of your day pack. This can be found in the club forms section.

And most important have a fun time riding this season!

Ministry of Transportation - Bicycle Safety



Upcoming events

About us

We have a large, active membership of all ages and backgrounds. Most are from Toronto and the GTA. We always welcome new members who share our passion for outdoor activities.

On any week of the year, our calendar will have numerous trips and events – weekdays and weekends. Some are multi-day trips but many are just for the day. Each event is organized and led by a club member.

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Outdoor Club of East York
P.O. Box 65126, RPO Chester
Toronto, ON  M4K 3Z2

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