Outdoor Club of East York


Can I try out the club to see if I will like it, without joining?

Yes, guests may attend up to three outings after having obtained approval from the organizer or tour leader. Send an e-mail to us listing two or three events (one or two weeks away) which interest you from the Event Calendar. You will be sent the names and telephone numbers of the trip organizers so that you may call and register. Preference is given to current members for ski trips (as bus seats are limited) and for weekend and longer trips.

Can I take my young children on trips?
We are happy to have families take part in any suitable event; however, please discuss details with your trip organizer as the final decision will be made at their discretion.

Can I take my dog on trips?
Generally no, but you may discuss it with your trip organizer as the final decision will be made at their discretion.

What are the Club's membership demographics?
We have members ranging in age from teens to eighties, the majority probably being in the thirty-to-sixty range and single.

Where do you meet for carpooling?
Many trips originate from the parking lot of the East York Community Centre (EYCC) on Pape Avenue (south of O'Connor Drive) and about a 15-minute walk from the Pape subway station. Trip organizers will often arrange a special rendezvous point depending on the destination.

How much do the outings cost?
Most of the day trips cost only the amount of the carpool which is based on 7 cents per kilometer plus the actual gas cost, shared between all occupants of the vehicle. The ski bus cost is $28 for members for the 2014/2015.  Longer trips vary widely depending on distance and accommodation costs, etc.

Do you have non-trip activities such as meetings and social events?
Meetings are scheduled throughout the year and include information meetings on event schedules, organizational meetings to gather ideas, and administrative meetings. We have an annual BBQ/picnic and some pub nights, and there are many other social events in our schedule throughout the year.

How Do I renew Online ?
Login, click on "View Profile", then a little way down the screen on "Renew until ...", then "Update and Next", then "Confirm".

Please ensure that your membership level (adult or family) and profile information are currently correct (address, phone, email address, emergency contact, etc). You can change this information yourself if necessary by clicking on "Edit Profile".

To Pay by Credit Card or Paypal:-
Payment may be made by credit card using Paypal's secure site. OCEY does not have access to any of your credit card information. You may select either "Pay with my Paypal Account" OR go to the bottom of the page and click on "Don't have a Paypal account?"; You will then open a page for entering your credit card information. 

N.B. If you have a popup blocker enabled in your browser, you may need an additional step to access the Paypal website after you click on ’Submit’. When you click on ’Submit’ you should see another button labelled ’Buy Now’. Clicking on this should take you to the Paypal website. Please let us know if you still have problems.

You should get 4 emails from the club  and one from Paypal. The clubs emails will be 1) membership renewal initiated, 2) an invoice, 3) payment receipt and 4) Invoice settled. The emails may not be received in this order.

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